We help you

gain meaningful insights & make data backed decisions with data visualisation

Our Services


Report designing, building and maintaining.


Dashboard designing, building and maintaining.


Defining of business objectives (OKR's) / key performance indicators (KPI's) and the enabling key activities...measured automatically.

Our tools & resources

Microsoft Power BI

We only use the best tools!

As per the Gartner 2022 review "Microsoft Power BI" is considered the leading "Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform". Say no more!

Data Analysis

We are Data Analyst guru's and have the badges to prove it!

We enjoy artistically designing visualisations and everything under the hood: data modelling, data integrations, data quality, etc.

Business Analysis

Bring in the BA...the Jack / Jill of all trades!

We are certified BA's which means we design a solution to meet your needs and take into consideration business processes, people, data and systems resulting in solution that are adopted.

Project Management

"If you fail to plan you plan to fail"

We are big of having a plan, it helps put everybody on the same page and working together!